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two Outflat vehicles return (vehicles) evilspeed runnerover

Wreckfest Cars
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A new car for the game Racing for survival, but this model is aesthetically not suitable for such events. This was the first mod develope...

Wreckfest Cars
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VAZ 2108 Lada car mod for Wreckfest. The first domestic car in the game, the Russian Eight, a great derby car at Wreckfest. She is not so...

Wreckfest Cars
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Are you ready for glory? Don't wait any longer and start basking in it with this shiny stretch car. This mod is an extension of the c...

Wreckfest Cars
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This mod returns the old Mud digger a until August 27, plus adds more options. What's in addition: - Added supercharger; Derby-signal...

Wreckfest Cars
1998 0 710


Deeply modernized car, it seems the default. How to install: From the downl...

Wreckfest Cars
2786 0 858

This mod allows you to change the whole body so that it looks like a killer of GT roads. 

Added body impregnation Road Slaye...

Wreckfest Cars
3226 0 1013

A reliable classic, though more unstable and dangerous than any other car. This mod is an extension to the current Supervan, which featur...

Wreckfest Cars
1953 0 633

Here comes the beast of the American car, pumping out of the production line. This mod is a continuation of the current Starbeast, which ...

Wreckfest Cars
2256 0 668

Another European rival appears, this time from the north. This mod is an extension of the current Rocket, which includes:

- Upgra...

Wreckfest Cars
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