Starbeast: Showroom Model v1.0
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Here comes the beast of the American car, pumping out of the production line. This mod is a continuation of the current Starbeast, which includes:

- Upgraded engine (426 V8).
- Direct suspension.
- Color "Candy".
- Color metallic paint.
- Color matte matte.
- Color "Glossy" makeup.
- Multi-colored "rainbow" paint.
- Colorful "solid" makeup.
- Custom polished tire.
- Custom AI options.
- Slim body.
- Outdated parts.
- Advanced settings.

This is a special mod, made only for better aesthetics and a cleaner appearance. It is not intended to replace the vehicle; rather, it is an extension for it.

Credits: Piss Cakehole


Dowload10.5 MB

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