VAZ 2108 Lada v0.1
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VAZ 2108 Lada car mod for Wreckfest. The first domestic car in the game, the Russian Eight, a great derby car at Wreckfest. She is not sorry to shred, and such an ordinary cheap thing is useless to anyone! Front-wheel drive, so you won’t be able to do a steering wheel trundle, unless you use it for drag racing ... It will be a Soviet-era cross-rally, it really was like that in our country! The mod has a lot of its own tuning and coloring. The choice uses several types of wheels (wheels). There are several skins on the body (even the police). Success among the leading car Lada is not happy ... Not without jambs, because this is my first job in a game on the survival of machines. I made a 3D model of the VAZ-2108 Sputnik from zero for Spin Tires, but with the game Wreckfest turned out to be a modding instruction, and I wanted to see how it all would look and break up, winding another circle. Of course, the author promised to work on the mod and make updates, but everything turned out to be dull.

Credits: [mBiG]MaximDm67


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