Here comes the beast of the American car, pumping out of the production line. This mod is a continuation of the current Starbeast, which ...

Wreckfest Cars
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For a while, I had a track designed to store all 720 .scne files from data / art / objects, so that I could match the names for each .scn...

Wreckfest Tracks
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Another European rival appears, this time from the north. This mod is an extension of the current Rocket, which includes:

- Upgra...

Wreckfest Cars
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This Halloween track is mainly suitable for British Bandera.

The author does not allow to edit or use your mod in others! Please ...

Wreckfest Tracks
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When the sun rises above the horizon, you will see the shadow of this new Asian car exploding along the road. This mod is an extension fo...

Wreckfest Cars
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At the bottom there are two huge rooms, a narrow hallway connecting two, and tons of supporting beams, which makes it an ideal place for ...

Wreckfest Tracks
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now it's time for the model of the demonstration of the new suv to come out of the production line and set off. this mod is a ...

Wreckfest Cars
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This mod allows you to use a realistic model of damage, using the usual model of health and mechanical damage.

It should be good ...

Wreckfest Others Modifications
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Replaces car names by default for their real prototypes

Panther RS ​​- Jaguar XJ-S.
Speedemon - Toyota Supra.

Wreckfest Others Modifications
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located in a dense forest, rough terrain and countless crossroads of whiplash woods create a treacherous, high-speed road that cha...

Wreckfest Others Modifications
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