Headland Management v1.0.0.0
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Mod Headland Management v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
Headland management for tractors, field sprayers, mowers and combines.
With headland management, vehicle functions can be combined and activated together at the push of a button to simplify turning maneuvers in the field. All functions can be activated and deactivated individually for each vehicle via the graphical interface, in order to achieve perfect adaptation to the work being performed.
The headland management system must be added once to the relevant vehicle in the store or workshop as a configuration before it can be used. The cost of this is 3000, -.
It can be activated and deactivated in the car using Shift-X. Alternatively, different buttons can be configured for activation and deactivation. By default, the GUI is invoked with Shift + Ctrl + X.
Features included:
- Reduce speed (cruise control) and increase again.
- Raise the lowered implements and lower them again
- The plow is rotary, one-stage or two-stage (through the central position)
- Raise and change ridge markers
- Disconnect and re-engage the power take-offs and hydraulics.
- Sound signal when headland control is activated
Also, if VCA Mod (FS19_VehicleControlAddon) is present:
- Disable and reactivate GPS track navigation
- Deactivate and reactivate active differential locks.
In addition, if steering mode is available (FS19_guidanceSteering):
- Deactivate and reactivate GPS guidance
Additionally for the existing SpeedControl mod (FS19_zzzSpeedControl):
- Speed ​​regulation is also possible by changing the cruise control level
Ideas for future versions:
- Adjustable sequence of working steps
- Ability to select the time interval between individual work steps

Credits: Glowins Modschmiede


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