Lada Granta 2011-2018 v2.0 (0.32.x)
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Mod Frets Grants for BeamNG of excellent quality and includes:
1. Animations: gearbox (automatic and mechanical), steering wheel, pedals.
22. Realistic motors and gearbox (have real characteristics) (12 motors)
✅3. Doors open using new game technology.
4. Excellent bodywork from all sides.
5. Excellent damage.
6. All PBR textures. High quality.
7. Your 100% J-ray has been completely edited.
8. His dashboard.
10. These are realistic 12 wheels.
11. Classic and standard bumper.
13. Includes 20 configurations. All of them really exist.
14. And tinting on each glass. There is a full bunker and a simple blackout. (5% and 50%)
✅15. Three types of handlebars.(Stock, ALPINA, M-Series)
✅16 Full Sport Body kit.
17. Informative dashboard.
18. Two types of tape recorder.

In the new version:
1. The extra handbrake has been removed.
2. The holes in the trunk have been removed.
3. Fixed a bug with the motors.
4. The muffler is reduced.
5. Triggers are installed.
6. - Weight 14 kg.
7. Improved materials.
8. The motors are reinforced. They are more powerful now.

Credits: bbm


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