LADA GRANTA 2011-2018 (0.28.X)
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This is Lada Granta 2011-2018 from BBMods! The mod is of good quality and includes: ✅1. Animation: gearbox (automatic and manual), steering wheel, pedals. ✅2. Realistic engines and gearbox (have real characteristics) (12 engines) ✅3. Doors open using new gaming technology. ✅4. Excellent study of the body from all sides. 5. Excellent damage. ✅6. All PBR textures. High quality. ✅7. Completely edited his J-shaped beam by 100%. ✅8. His dashboard. ✅10. Its realistic 12 wheels. ✅11. Classic and standard bumper. ✅13. Includes 20 configurations. All of them really exist. ✅14. And tinting on each glass. There is a full bunker and a simple blackout. (5% and 50%) ✅15. Three types of steering wheels.(Serial, ALPINA, M-Series) ✅16 Full sports body kit. ✅17. Informative dashboard. ✅18. Two types of tape recorders.

Credits: BBMods


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