LADA Granta 2011-18 REMAKE 3.0 (0.32.X)
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This is the LADA Granta REMAKE by BBMods! The mod is of excellent quality and includes: ✅0. Baking headlights. ✅1. Excellent bodywork from all sides. 2. Excellent damage. ✅3. All PBR textures. High quality. 4. A good Jbeam. ✅5. The original openable ✅6. Its own dashboard. 77. Realistic motors and gearbox (have real characteristics) ✅8. Its realistic 10 wheels. 99. Includes 25 configurations. ✅10. Tinting on each glass. (Inside and outside) ✅11. Dynamic rear view mirrors. ✅12. Sports configuration. ✅13. Different steering wheels to choose from (Prior, Grant, Grant sport, Prior 2) ✅14. Front bumpers (4pcs) ✅15. Rear bumpers (3 pieces) ✅16. Rear view mirrors (2 pieces) -Fixed all known bugs: ✅Fixed a stretched roof in an accident. ✅Fixed a bad interior. ✅The speedometer values and the dashboard itself have been fixed. ✅Fixed and completely redesigned wheels. ✅The headlights and lanterns have been completely redesigned. ✅Gaps have been fixed. ✅The checkpoint has been fixed. ✅The rear suspension has been fixed, now it does not extend beyond the body. ✅Fixed front suspension ✅fixed gearshift lever ✅Fixed and processed all configurations ✅Updated color ✅Modified gearbox ✅Updated 3d model of the interior. ✅Reduced mod weight ✅Optimization work has been carried out ✅Garbage has been removed from the selection menu ✅And a lot of other things.

Credits: BBMods


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