Kia Stinger GT v1.0 Hotfix (0.31.x)
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Kia Stinger GT produced by DTM NarkoMods 

What is done in this version:
- pbr outside and inside
- New textures for the interior
- Brand new textures for the interior,
- Added gps screen
- Added 3 new engines
- Added a realistic 3D model for the 3.8-liter V6
- Redesigned production engine
- Added a new sound for each engine
- Added 3 new configurations
- Redesigned old configurations
- Improved 3D model
- Updated thumbnails
- Improved beams and assemblies
- Redesigned radiator
- Fixed the absence of problems with the texture area on the outer and inner surfaces
- New textures for the exterior and interior
- Improved front/rear lights

Credits: DTM NarkoMods, Phaien


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TAGS:v1.0, Stinger, (0.31.x), Hotfix