BMW X5M (E70) v1.0 Modded HotFix (0.31.x)
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What has been fixed/redone:
- The suspension did not work correctly (when driving straight, the car drove to the right);
- Problem with the headlights (the taillights did not work);
- The textures of the interior have been changed by 2k (It does not affect performance, but the quality is significantly improved);
- Fixed engine sound (some work and interruptions at high speeds);
- Suspension operation has been changed (there is a more flexible setting);
- The painting of the car has been changed (The colors have become more saturated and correct);
- Changed the operation of the interior lighting (The road was not visible due to the light in the cabin);
- Fixed missing textures on low graphics settings;
- Fixed wheel positions (They were deep in the body and did not change);
- Fixed the license plate frame;
- Fixed taillights;
- Fixed color rendering (now brighter and more saturated);
- Fixed and improved engine performance (the engine heats up quickly at high speed);
- Fixed steering wheel animation;
- Optimized operation on weak PCs.

Credits: ARMORED Lab


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