BMW M5 F10 v1.0 Modded HotFix (0.31.x)
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- 10 configurations;
- Breaking glass;
- Realistic sounds;
- Realistic interior;
- Working lights;
- Multiple engine options;
- Optimized for version 0.30.x
- A bug with the dashboard has been found and fixed.
- The correct operation of the headlights is installed
- Changed the position of the camera on the driver's side.

In this version:
- Fixed missing textures on low graphics settings.
- Fixed the position of the wheels in the Airlift system.
- Fixed taillights - Fixed color rendering (now brighter and livelier).
- Fixed engine sound.
- Fixed steering wheel animation.
- Fixed the display of configurations (not all configurations were visible)

Credits: ARMORED Lab


Download185.50 MB

TAGS:modded, v1.0, (0.31.x), Hotfix