Ibishu Diadem v1.2 Final Update (0.31.x)
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In version 1.2 of the Final Update (02/06/24):
Finally, more than a year later, the update is complete. This is probably the last update to the Diadem content, not counting the fixes.
List of changes:
- Improved engines and bodywork;
- Revised EU nameplate + internal support with left hand drive;
- Lots of minor fixes and tweaks.

The new Ibishu Diadem car (In the original Toyota Crown '90 - '93) for BeamNG.

Diadem was a product of the Gavril-Ibishu partnership throughout the 90s. The Japanese domestic market was in dire need of a full-size luxury sedan, so Ibishu decided to borrow the body from the Grand Marshal, and the rest is history.
Ibishu Diadem is a mod based on Grand Marshal. The main features are a right-hand drive interior, new engines, special badges, a different front and rear panel, independent rear suspension and other interesting things.

Credits: CH4RL3S


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