Ibishu Shima v1.0.2 Big Boi Update (0.32.x)
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Ibishu Shima compact van.
- 9 Configurations;
- All the main systems are working.

- i3 600cc with optional turbocharger;
- Diesel i2 400 cc.see with optional turbocharger and all-wheel/front-wheel drive;
- i3 700cc with approx. turbocharger;
- i4 1L.

In version 1.0.2 Big Boi Update:
- Literally all currently known bugs have been fixed (as far as I know)
- Added metal mudguards.
- New plastic materials have been added.
- Updated dashboard (not yet completely redesigned)
- raised cabin roof and redesigned doors
- Supports for bed locks and a message about the correct opening sequence have been added to the bed drawer.
- Added a latch in the bed drawer.
- Added a large box for fights.
- Added angi eyebrow
- Added full career support (although the car is quite rare)
- Added cargo boxes.
- Added a goose neck.
- Added new tires for 10x4.5 wheels (exclusive for Shima).
- New caps have been added (again, exclusive to Shima, so as not to conflict with other mods)
- New updated bumper
- Fixed the rotation of the light props.
- Added spoiler
- Added a new taillight design.
- Redesigned bed and side panel models.
- Added details to the cabin
- Lowered cabin floor
- New glow of the scale
- Sensors are metric only (sorry, eagle lovers)
- Added a body mounting plate.
- New logos and labels
- New diesel engine sounds
- New exhaust model
- Added a bunch of things for o_O

Credits: BeamNG


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