Ibishu Shima v1.0.3 Shmol Update (0.32.x)
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Ibishu Shima compact van.
- 9 Configurations;
- All the main systems are working.

- i3 600cc with optional turbocharger;
- Diesel i2 400 cc.see with optional turbocharger and all-wheel/front-wheel drive;
- i3 700cc with approx. turbocharger;
- i4 1L.
In version 1.0.3 of the Shmol update:
- The gooseneck coupling is moved forward to account for weight distribution;
- 2L+2M boxes were removed, as they caused errors;
- Fixed the rotation of the pulley;
- Fixed throttle textures on the i4;
- Finally, the deviation to the side has been corrected (the weight has been increased both on the frame and on the body to take into account the clumsy weight-sensitive jbeam rack).

Credits: BeamNG


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