Cherrier Rayonner v1.3.1 Hotfix (0.31.x)
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Developed as a joint venture between Cherrier and Bruckell, Rayonner was an icon and redesigned Bastion available in markets outside North America. In addition to numerous styling changes, Rayonner introduced a full range of engines developed by Cherrier - diesel and gasoline, from Inline-4 and Inline-5 to V6 and V8 with dual turbocharging. The suspension has also been redesigned using adaptive Cherrier technology. The interior was covered with more expensive materials and received a set of more elegant sensors.

Rayonner, and the renamed Bastion is a mod that I spent a couple of months on, and it got its own personality and spirit. There is a lot more content planned in the future that is not in this version, as I wanted to release 1.0 earlier rather than postponing the release date even further.

- 28 complete sets to choose from (the car is separate from the Bastion)
- Gasoline/diesel engines 2.0 I4, 2.5 I5, 3.0 V6 and 4.0 V8 with their own models
- Adaptive suspension with multiple driving modes
- Complete interiors and details with left and right hand drive
- Interior with 9 colors to choose from
- Multiple skins
- Redesigned front and rear panels with matching EU headlights
In version 1.3.1 of the Hotfix (02.02.24):
- Fixed the disappearance of the inside of the LWB, and added a moving automatic gearshift (all from JCX034).

Credits: CH4RL3S


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