Ukraine MineField [Spawnable Mine]
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Ukraine has become the most mined country.
During the year and a half of the conflict, mines - along with unexploded bombs, artillery shells and other deadly by-products of the war - mined the territory of Ukraine about the size of Florida or Uruguay. It has become the most mined country in the world.

Huge field map with spawnable mines
First I made a realistic mode with mines. But I don't have a map to demonstrate this mode. So I made this huge field map. The ground is not just flat. It's a little bumpy. So you can enjoy driving.

There are more than 60 minutes on the map. But it may seem to you that there are not enough mines. I just want to use this map for tank battles, so I didn't set too many mines.

Realistic mines
The mine is based on [Land mine] from erioxis.
I added a realistic smoke effect and sound.
Fixed the size of the explosion.

Some mines could explode when loading the map.
A temporary increase in the number of smoke particles is possible.

Credits: Okidoki


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