NGNT Nuclear Facility
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MOD NGNT Nuclear Facility for TEARDOWN

The map for Teardown, which is a nuclear power plant (the author was inspired by the Chernobyl station). You can repeat the destruction of the station. To do this, you need to lift the rods from the reactor from the control panel.

Ragdolls all over the map;
The cover that falls off when the reactor explodes;
Engine room at building 2;
Basement (rusty) (still in operation);
A lot of vehicles that can be controlled and on which you can crash;
Sand pit;
A simple 2nd generation radiation detector; includes the best portable Geiger counter in Ryavgrad;
Checking versions;
Fuel tap in case 2;
A pool of spent fuel that glows;
A column of blue light rises from the reactor after its explosion;
Rusty buildings;
Rust is literally everywhere;
Rotating red evacuation lights throughout the facility when the AZ5 button is pressed;
Map Settings screen in the control room - enable or disable reactor sounds;
~ 96 second delay when pressing the AZ-5 button to exit;
The reactor noise changes when the core explodes or the reactor is damaged;
Destroy everything!;
Blow up the core using the AZ5 buttons located all over the map;
Destructible bent cranes (really rusty);
Destructible light poles;
Chimney with scaffolding;
Buzzing electrical panels;
Movement of the rail trolley inside;
Furnished rooms for staff (without finishing);
Exploding propane tanks;
Suspended TV screens;
Fire station;
Dynamic podiums;
Dynamic Red pipes;
Switches of working lighting in different places for switching on and off most lights (the switch of external lighting is now located in the control room above the staff rooms);
Giant cooling towers;
Loudspeakers inside and outside that will record real evacuation orders for Pripyat if the AZ5 button is pressed;
The interior lighting emits a red light when the AZ5 button is pressed.

Credits: NGNT


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