All-in-1 Underground Facility v1.0.1.0 (1.14.x)
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Imagine: an underground miracle of engineering and design, combining practicality, convenience and futuristic technology — and all this is hidden under the surface of the earth. Our all-in-one underground facility is more than just a farmhouse; it's a haven for the modern farmer. Imagine waking up to the gentle hum of tractors and the smell of freshly plowed soil in your cozy underground farmhouse. It has a comfortable sofa, a wardrobe and the amenities you've only dreamed of. Regardless of whether you are going to the field after a long day or planning the next crop rotation, the living quarters will meet your needs.
The luxury doesn't end there! It is equipped with a fully functioning silo. With a staggering capacity of 600,000 liters, it stores all your main game crops — golden wheat, bright sunflowers and everything in between. But that's not all! It also contains diesel fuel and water, making your farm run like a well-oiled machine.
Did you think that was it? When your trusty equipment needs a little maintenance, our repair shop steps in. Equipped with everything necessary to fine-tune the combine harvester and the configuration of attachments, you will find no reason for downtime.
Go below the surface, where the real magic happens. Our enterprise goes deep into the ground, providing a safe harbor for your agricultural efforts. It's like a secret lair, only with lots of tractors and grain. And hidden underground is our granary, a treasure chest filled with golden grains waiting for the right moment to be sold. And it even has an inspection window to check the availability of the product!
It's getting even better... These sleek rooftop antennas are not just a decoration. It tracks weather conditions and updates the data in real time so that you can plan your harvest accurately.
This is not the end of the modern structure... Our underground garage is a car enthusiast's dream. It can accommodate the largest tractors, combines and even some semi-trailers. Due to the fact that two separate floors can be reached by an automated elevator, your equipment will be safe while you sleep or during the off-season.
The facility is closed from the outside and is equipped with a built-in camera and video recording system.

So, dear farmer, are you ready to take your farm to the next level? The all-in-one underground facility is waiting!

Stores 600,000 liters of diesel fuel in any combination, water, wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, rapeseed, oats, sunflower and soybeans.
The initial placement includes 5,000 liters of diesel fuel and 45,000 liters of water.
The price is 500,000 plus installation.

There is NO free space. You MUST allow the terrain to deform when placing.
It's a big object, and it goes deep into the ground. On some maps, there may be water planes under the surface of the water, so for a disciplined financial passage, I recommend saving before placing the object. Just in case there are problems with the height.
To achieve the best results, it is recommended to level the terrain in advance. Be careful when using PC mods that allow you to terraform anywhere. Because the created hole is large enough for the object.
In version
- Added the ability to use bunker extensions with a bunker in a farmhouse.
- A category of liquid filling type has been added to the hopper. Now you can store all the liquids.
- Added an unreal roomy farmhouse for an additional fee.
- Added a free electric charging station via solar panels.
- Added an underground garage for large vehicles.
- The coffee table has been moved so that you can walk between it and the sofa.
- Moved the cat.
- Removed many dynamic object flags from small decorations around the farmhouse to reduce the number of slots.
- Fixed the orientation of the fuel tank: the pump handles are facing outward.
- Updated Moddesc to reflect that there are a lot of fruits in the bin. You can store all your crops, rolls, animal feed, solid fertilizers, lime, etc.

Credits: Superfly1842


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