ZIL-4334 V03.03.16
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Mod ZIL-4334 for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

Assembly ZIL-4334, configured on the basis of data of real characteristics (taking into account the game mechanics)

The mod has:
- 10 addons + 6 def. 1 trailer.
- 2 types of wheels (medium and hard (Stiff))
- transports 2, 4 loading points. Cargo log, garage parts

Note: to expand the functionality of addons, it is recommended to use in conjunction with the mod ZIL-131N

- mass of car elements
- centers of gravity of the vehicle elements
- engine torque (taken on the most powerful engine used on this family)
- suspension
- steering
- lighting
- the mass of cargo and add-ons, and their centers of gravity
- winch hook points
- fixed engine sound
- animation of cars, add-ons, cargo
- the number of points of repair, fuel, cargo.

Note: the engine torque and the gearbox are adjusted based on the driving conditions of the car on a reduced number of gears with the maximum engine power. The cargo weights are taken for off-road conditions. All data is taken from the technical specifications for this vehicle. Tuning and testing the mod were carried out on the default physics game settings.

Credits: TRUCKist


Dowload55.5 MB

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