ZIL-157 V03.03.16
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Mod ZIL-157 for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

Produced commercially since 1958 mainly for the Armed Forces of the USSR (VS). The cab from ZIS-151 was used with minor changes. The aircraft was subsequently replaced by ZIL-131 and Ural-375. A total of 797,834 copies of all modifications were released. Created at the end of 1954, mass produced from 1958 to 1991 (at the ZIL - until 1978). The last groundwork was completed in 1994.

Excellent model with its color and elegant sound!

It has:
- 11 of its addons + default
- 3 types of wheels
- own sound

Credits: Максим Гордеев


Dowload37.4 MB

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