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made an envelope of zil-130 from spintires 03.03.16 from hadson_152 and slightly changed it.
in a pack of 4 cars with a 4x4 ...

Spin Tires Trucks
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based on the take-mtk-7429
the model is painted, the glass is cleaned, the interior is textured.
has 4 of its add-on +...

Spin Tires Trucks
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the basis is taken zil-130 from den26
recycled suspension, power, box, weight of the car.
the lighting is completely done, si...

Spin Tires Trucks
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changed the texture, slightly changed the technical characteristics.
removed some addons and others added. also the cargo is...

Spin Tires Trucks
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based on the k-44108e from yansors.
i just enveloped, adjusted a little for myself and added addons.
i open the incentive wit...

Spin Tires Trucks
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the basis is taken zil-131 from voodoo:
repainted model, addon, added a view from the driver.

it has:
-14 of their ad...

Spin Tires Trucks
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jac has 2 of its add-ons and 2 kinds of wheels.
howo gray has 3 of its add-on and 2 kinds of wheels.
howo green has 2 ...

Spin Tires Trucks
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kenworth t800 titan - all-wheel drive truck with a wheel formula 8x8 with a swivel rear axle.
the model is taken from the game truc...

Spin Tires Trucks
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added the hashes to the archive. use your health!

in fashion three cars!
a lot of addons and wheels, a variety of lo...

Spin Tires Trucks
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based on the yaaz-214:
changed the texture of the model, interior. devices are made more dim. the glass is cleaned.
view from...

Spin Tires Trucks
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