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added the hashes to the archive. use your health!

in fashion three cars!
a lot of addons and wheels, a variety of lo...

Spin Tires Trucks
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based on the yaaz-214:
changed the texture of the model, interior. devices are made more dim. the glass is cleaned.
view from...

Spin Tires Trucks
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added the hashes to the archive.

it has:
-6 of their own + standard
-2 kinds of wheels
-3 trucks with different...

Spin Tires Trucks
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for the basis was taken oas-33036 from den huan:
made to your taste - made a suspension (wrote that the hard), added wheels, a coup...

Spin Tires Trucks
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added 1 addon.
the lighting is fixed, the cab is fixed and now it does not hang out, it is also fixed and now it does not look down...

Spin Tires Trucks
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added a couple of addons, changed the characteristics of running, power, boxes.
added textures to replace the gray, for a change.

Spin Tires Trucks
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Pak trucks with different characteristics. "This is the best we've ever done." The pack included: Ural 43206 "Hunter&q...

Spin Tires Trucks
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BM-23 (taken from Battlefield 3). Mod does not pretend to be true. Made for a change, for friends. It has 17 standard addons and 2 kinds ...

Spin Tires Trucks
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In the fashion there is 1 its addon + standard and 2 kinds of wheels.
Sounds, wheels - taken from the standard KrAZ-255.

Spin Tires Trucks
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Envelope from the old version of the game (03/19/2015)
Mod goes like a chassis for individual assemblies, there are no original add...

Spin Tires Trucks
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