Level 003 Card Version 1.0 V03.03.16
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Mod Level 003 Card Version 1.0  for Spintires V03.03.16

A card for those who like risk, as they say, "Who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne." Here you will find dangerous climbs and descents, on which there is no chance, will return to the garage. It all depends on your ability to drive a car. Good luck. Be careful when choosing a technique.
Card for the patient.

My advice to you, take equipment with good brakes and not very large.

I built the map in the winter, so I remembered about it.

Map: level_003
Size: 18x18
Garage: 1 (closed)
Sawmills: 5
Dressing: 1
Reconnaissance Points: 2
Logging: 1
Loading point: 1

Ural 4320 (can be replaced)
3 slots for your cars

Transport on the map:
Ural 4320 (2 garage points)
Awning trailer (2 garage points)
Kraz 255 Car stand for 2 points

Credits: KJIAccuk


Dowload6.9 MB

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