Trophy Raid Card version 1.0 (v03.03.16)
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Mod Trophy Raid Card version 1.0 for Spintires (v03.03.16)

The maximum size card, here you will have to tinker with the soul. You are waiting for long mud climbs, where your winch will be your best friend. You will have to find the lost car with garage parts and deliver it to the garage. I wish you good luck and patience.

Start your way, open all the points
Find you Kraz.
Get repair and get fuel.
Get him out of captivity
Fill you Kraz and blow into the garage.

Size: 32x32

On the map:
Garage: 1 (closed)
Sawmills: 5
Refueling: 1
Reconnaissance Points: 4
Logging: 1
Loading point: 1

Starting transport:
5 slots for your car.

Transport on the map:
Ural 4320
Kamaz 6522
UAZ 469
Kraz 255

Credits: KJIAccuk


Dowload21.3 MB

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