TT-4NEW (V18.10.18)
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Mod TT-4NEW for Spintires: MudRunner (V18.10.18)

TT-4 New tracked skidder tractor traction class 4 tons, produced by the Altai Tractor Plant. Designed for choker skidding of a forest by forming a package of whips or trees and transporting them in a semi-submerged state. The tractor has a front cabin and engine (the engine is located inside the cabin). Cabin double. The driver's seat is located to the left of the engine. Working equipment is located at the back. Rear axle drive.

It has 12 of its add-ons and two default ones, refuel, repair, pull out.
carries 4, 6, 8 loading points.
Attention: Mod without SpintiresMod will not work!
setting up functions on the cst frameworks should be 6 on the pad.

Credits: Razer


Dowload24.4 MB

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