MAP "APOKALIPSIS 2019" (V18.10.18)
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Mod MAP "APOKALIPSIS 2019" for Spintires: MudRunner (V18.10.18)

The card was converted according to many requests from the game Spintires.
People with a bad psyche and nerves, I do not advise downloading this card at all!
Cut on the map is completely meaningless.
Everything is on the map: dirt, fords, stones, etc.
The map has extraordinary roads, bridges. The map is complex.
Writing in comments about non-existent landscapes, as well as roads, is simply pointless !!!

On the map:
- The garage is closed.
- 12 intelligence points
- One loading point
- Piloram - 5.
- Kamaz 4310 - closed.
- Kamaz 4310 - closed
- Four starting cars.
- Two trolleys of garage parts.
There are third-party objects

Credits: RAMAXA


Dowload115.9 MB

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