Map “Forgotten Taiga 2” version 1.0 (V10.06.19)
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Mod Map “Forgotten Taiga 2” version 1.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (V10.06.19)

Please read the description of the map before downloading, so that later there are no unnecessary questions) Thank you) Map, roads, pits, rivers, lakes, etc. etc. fictional. “break your leg”, “the mammoth passed”, “curved roads” - as some players responded on my first map). It will be hard at default, but playing is more interesting and harder) KINDERGARTEN I personally appeal to you - I ask you not to download the map, there are practically no smooth roads and it will be hard to repeat on default, but it will be obviously difficult for you from a nursery group and on cheating machines.
NOW FOR ADEQUATE PLAYERS, fans to ride not only on smooth fairy roads, but also on “soft hard”): The card turned out to be pretty beautiful, tested on the standard KamAZ 4310. It will be difficult with a long dissolution, sometimes you can’t pass at all, not to mention the scow. So it’s better to carry 3-4 forest points)

Size 1024 by 1024 (maximum sizes)
- 2 garages are closed
- 2 fuel stations
- 1 loading of logs
- 2 loading points (manual)
- 7 files
- 6 cars at the start (all are replaceable)
- 13 intelligence points
Thank you very much for streams, reviews, likes, screenshots) At the expense of the third card, I do not know whether to do it or not ...

P.S I wanted to express my gratitude to Dmitry Shuleyko (dmitriy1815), for his responsiveness in any issues on cartography. There are few such people here ..... who will answer, help, tell. But they are) Thank you)
There are third-party objects

Credits: Spetsialist38rus


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