MAP “BIG 11 - LEFT COAST” (V10.06.19)
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Mod MAP “BIG 11 - LEFT COAST” for Spintires: MudRunner (V10.06.19)

You woke up in a trailer in the forest, next to only an UAZ.

First you need to find equipment, some trucks are broken, somewhere there is no fuel.

To repair and refuel equipment you need to find a trailer with a repair kit and a barrel.

After that you can open the garage and engage in the transport of logs.

In some places, the road was blurred ...;)

Total on map:

1. UAZ-469 (slot)

2. UAZ-3151 (added near the start, on the left on the road, for those who quickly break the first UAZ :)

3. Kamaz-65115

4. Zil-131

5. Kamaz-4310

6. Kirovets K-700

7. Gas-66

On the map:

- 1 Garage (closed)

- 1 Refueling

- 1 Lumbering 1 Loading Point

- 2 Sawmills

- 13 Intelligence Points

- 1 Auto at start (not replaceable)

Credits: Nu-Pogodi


Dowload28.7 MB

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