Coast to Coast Map v2.13.46 by Mantrid (1.46.x)
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Coast to Coast Map - map has both huge highways and small roads through the desert. Desert vegetation predominates. You will see new landscapes in Colorado and Florida. Notice the improvements in Alabama, Texas and Colorado. In addition to global changes, you will see various improvements to the scenery, as well as the mod for US Road Signs is now sewn into the map (you need to delete your own). New update for the Coast to Coast Map from the author Mantrid added for ATS game. Features Coast to Coast Map: - This mod replaces all previous versions and patches - To use this mod you need to extract the .scs file from the rar archive, then activate it in the Mod Manager. - There are no other mods required, but the NM DLC is required. - If you have the US signs mod that came with the previous version of C2C, you should delete or disable it. - DLC New Mexico & Oregon, WA, Utah required! Changes in v2.13.46: - This version has a completely new version of Washington DC. Tested on game version 1.46.x

Credits: Mantrid, ShirBlackspots, Ways71


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