ZIL Pack v1.2.0.4 Redesign (1.13.x)
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What is included in the ZIL-pack:
Tractors and modular ZIL-4415A, ZIL-442160, ZIL MMZ-554, ZIL MMZ-45065.
- Price: from 41 000;
- Power: 150 hp;
- Speed: 80 km/h;
- Choice of wheels, numbers, color scheme;
- Working lighting and dashboard;
- Animated mudguards;
- Gets dirty, washes, wears out.

Trailers: 2 for the transportation of bulk goods (trailer and semi-trailer), 3 universal tanks, cattle truck.
- Prices: 24300 - 36000 USD.

Modules: body, sprayer, manure and fertilizer spreaders, feed chamber, universal tank.
- Prices: 14001 - 29800.

What was done in the rework
- All the dirt and scuffs on the cabins and paneling have been redrawn.
- Added a choice of skin color, roof, badge and sunroof.
- The maneuverability of trucks has been slightly increased, the gearbox has been adjusted, because in the first they accelerated to 40.
- Reduced suspension stiffness on modular trucks so that the rear part does not sag under load.
- The headlights have been replaced on the ZIL-130.
- The textures of the boards on the sides have been replaced, they can now be painted in any color you like.
- Auto-loading using Universal Autoload has been added to the semi-trailer (cargo platform).
- Minor edits have also affected the sounds.

Credits: Aibolit, Trigada


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