Scania S Swap Body Pack v1.0.0.0 (1.13.x)
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The package includes a Scania replacement body, 3 replacement bodies, 3 trailers and 1 container with a hook loader.
Remember that the disconnect button is CTRL+Q. You need it with this mod!
Many thanks to TschiZack for allowing me to use his original Scania mod!!
In the future, there will be new interchangeable bodies and trailers! It would be great if someone else made more swaps for this!
I also make updates as needed when you report bugs!
The replacement bodies supplied with this mod can also be used with the Volvo DLC.

Scania S replacement truck
- Some tuning settings
- Color configurations: cover, frame, wheels and chrome-plated parts
- Unzip the file so that you can make your own images for the nameplate, mudguard and lightbox using or something like that. the image file is your company, save the image as DXT1 and archive the mod file again as FS22_Scania_S_Pack.
- Price 212,500€-321250€

Removable body made of wood.
The lid button is used to fold and unfold the crane!
- color configurations of the frame, crane and plank bed
- price 50,000€-53300€

Logging trailer with moving log shelves
- color configurations of the frame, discs and logs
- price 30,000€-31200€

Removable body with a hook loader
- color configurations of the frame and rolls
- price 2800€-3000€

A container trailer with a hook loader
can accommodate two containers
- color configurations of the frame, discs and wings
- price 35000€-35500€

Removable dump truck body
- color configurations of the frame and sled
- price 20,000€-22,000€

Cassette trailer
- color configurations of the frame, discs and skids
- price 38,500€-42500€

Credits: MaanTieBanaani, TschiZack


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