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Version 1.0.4
- Rear attachment is now available permanently!
- Fixed the position of the front working lights
- The front working lights are now in the working lights group
- Added 3-point front mounting configuration!
- Added connecting hoses at the front and back!
- Fixed a bug with a rear PTO and added a front one!
- More colors
- Added beacon configuration for all 8 standard designs
- Configuration of the light strip of the lighthouse
Added No/YES - Added configuration of standard/black sun visor
- Standard roof lighting configuration / added light strip
- Added No/Left/Right/Both beep configuration
- Added road tires

The steering has been adapted, now you can choose between front wheel control (standard), all wheel control and rear wheel control!
Added another motor selection for +80k. The engine has a power of 730 hp!
The mod is registered without errors!
This mod is a re-download from us, it used to exist only here via Modbot, so it is already released in version 1.0.4

authors:AM Modding,GIANTS,Shop Category Ifko[nator]

Credits: AM Modding,GIANTS


Download14,1 Мb

TAGS:v1.0.4, phoenix, Tatra