Tatra Phoenix Crusher Pack v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Tatra Phoenix Crusher "Frankenstein" set. While traveling through the Eastern Bloc countries, we met a Tatra Phoenix with a double cabin. In our workshop, he got a jackhammer with a crane and a heavy cage. Because it was assembled from a variety of scraps, we affectionately named it "Frankenstein".
There is a 15-ton winch in front to work on difficult terrain. There is a 4-ton side winch for towing tree trunks.
There is also a corresponding Fliegl ASW 271.

- Power of the Frankenstein 850 hp
. - Capacity: 29,500 liters.
Prices from:
- Frankenstein: $135,000
- ASW 271: 52 000 $

A note about the winch:
A "Platinum Expansion DLC" is required for the Winch, otherwise it's just a decoration.

Credits: HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau


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