Pavelli RAT Pack v1.0.0.1 (1.13.x)
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Trailers are ideal for transporting bales, but vehicles and items can also be transported. Trailers for manual or automatic bales transportation, supporting bales of different sizes.

Price: $30,000.
It carries 52 round bales 1.25 meters long, not stacked.
It carries 42 round bales 1.50 meters long, not stacked.
It carries 38 round bales 1.80 meters long, not stacked.
It carries 32 square bales.
It carries 24 large square bales.

In version
- Fixed the weight of bales simultaneously with the autoloader and with active tension belts;
- Fixed turn indicators;
- Fixed incorrect ramp animation in some cases;
- Various minor functional fixes of the machines.

Credits: DD ModPassion


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