Holmer T4-40 Multi Harvester Pack v1.0.0.1 (1.13.x)
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Now, with access to new processing technology, the Holmer TerraDos T4-40 can now harvest multiple crops thanks to interchangeable adapted harvesters.
- Holmer T4-40 Multi is purchased from Beet Technology;
- Price from $200,000;
- Engine power: 696HP - 2350HP;
- Speed 60-200 km/h;
- Capacity configurations of 60 thousand liters, 250 thousand liters or 1 million liters;
- Color configurations;
- Tire configurations (safe for all crops).

- 5.4m wide reapers, with a choice of 9 mph, 18 mph or Unreal speeds.
- Headline prices: 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 dollars.
- Trailer included, price: 12,000 USD.
- Collect the following
- Beetroot
- Carrots
- Cotton
- Parsnips
- Potatoes
- Sugar beet
- Sugar cane
- Each header is located in the corresponding category of the store, except for the headings "Carrots" and "Parsnips", which can be found in the category "Miscellaneous".

In version
- Improved AI worker.
- Added hardware configurations for contract missions (beetroot, carrot, parsnip, sugar beet, potato and cotton picking).
- Added equipment configurations for feed contract missions (you will need the Feed Contracts mod to work) (PC ONLY).
- Beetroot, carrot, cotton, parsnip, potato, sugar beet and sugar cane can now be harvested using a single harvester found in the Beet Machinery category, which is still available in three speed options.
- To be able to harvest potatoes, sugar beet and sugar cane, you will need the appropriate addon for the topper, which you will find in these categories or in the combinations tab, each costs $250. After purchase, you will find a box with parts that can be attached to the front of the header. Just select the addon and detach it when you're done.
- It is possible to add a sticker with a picture of potatoes, sugar beet or sugar cane to the title to identify it if you have one of the addons.
- The T4-40 forage harvester has been added, find it in forage harvesters, the price starts from $ 200,000.
- Added a 9-meter forage harvester, available at 9 mph for $25,000, 18 mph for $30,000, or Unreal for $35,000, find it in the category "Harvester Harvesters", the forage harvester can also harvest grass.
- Added a 9-meter poplar harvester, available at 9 mph for $25,000, 18 mph for $30,000, or Unreal for $35,000, find it in the category "Harvester Harvesters".
- Added Lizard RRW 500 Multi for transporting all crops from the field, price from 50,000 USD.
- A pin attachment has been added to the header trailer so that it can be clung

Credits: MarkThor


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