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Tanks for liquid storage, with several types of filling, large capacity, unloading of pallets and much more!
Tanker Senior
Price: 79,000
Capacity: 50,000 liters
Maximum cargo weight: 50 tons

— Fixed loading of pallets
— Fixed a problem with unloading when Junior connects behind Senior
— The top of the tanker can now be opened to enable/disable refueling
— Vehicles can now be refueled directly from tankers
- Added options for beacons
- Added Finnish translations

Tanker Junior
Price: 29,000
Capacity: 12,500 liters
Maximum cargo weight: 13 tons

- Accepts all types of liquid filling from the base game, as well as air, methane and lime!
- Supports refueling of vehicles in the field
- Unload suitable goods directly onto pallets
- Choose a pallet unloading strategy on the fly; Left, right, multi-tasking and single-tasking, which simplifies delivery to the field
- Pallets can be unloaded anywhere, so you can deliver supplies under contract or outside the field you own
- Ability to limit the fill types to one or select combinations (if there are concerns about cross-contamination)
- Additional stickers for filling the front, back, sides or in any combination
- Automatic display of decals (when the fill type is set to All) to easily see the current content
- Additional fill level display
- A wide range of colors for the body, trim and wheels
- Several wheel brands to choose from
- Optional rear trailer hitch on the Senior model
- Vehicles can be refueled (diesel/methane) directly from tanks

. Loading pallets: Climb up next to the pallets and then open the lid. The pallets will rise slightly for reliable unloading. It is not recommended to drive with the lid open unless you really want to.

Credits: Mantrid


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