Lizard Hydra-Glide XL Header Storage System v1.0.1.0 (1.13.x)
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We present the Hydra-Glide XL harvester storage system, designed for convenient storage of large harvesters for grain and sunflower with a length of 13 meters and above with a convenient automatic hydraulic lifting system.
Say goodbye to manually lifting and moving heavy harvesters, as our innovative storage solution provides an easy and efficient way to store and access your equipment.
Appreciate the increased safety, organization and ease of use with the Hydra-Glide XL harvester storage system — the perfect choice for your agricultural or industrial needs.
In case of an emergency, use the emergency stop button located on the control panel.
The rack triggers are located under the number corresponding to the rack.

- The price is $ 17,500;
- Accommodates three grain harvesters with a length of 13 m+;
- Color options;
- Automatic lifting system.

In version
- Updated visual effects
- Fixed a sound bug in the multiplayer game.
- Added a new double rack for small harvesters.
- Fixed the "Warning (physics): Add trigger callback failed" bug.

Credits: Superfly1842


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