Production Info Hud v0.6.3.0
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Mod Production Info Hud v0.6.3.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

- Fix Giants 1.4 patch for special vehicles when F1 is closed

First production version of Info Hud, known from LS 19.

Since the LS19 version was built on the dialogues and methods of a global company, this version needs to be completely rebuilt.

The first version has the following non-configurable properties:
Display of active productions with remaining time
Production is only displayed if...
less than 2 months left
it has less than 50% fill level
The display is sorted according to the remaining time, whichever is empty or empty before is shown at the top.
Complete works are sorted at the top of the permitted
Only the first 5 from the sort list are displayed

Credits: Achimobil


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