Production Info Hud v1.1.1.0
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Mod Production Info Hud v1.1.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Here is the LS22 version of my production information display known from LS 19.

- Fixed bug with revamp
- Added BR translations
- Split production lines are now correctly calculated in the production overview.
- Booster production overview now shows quantity without boosters and quantity with all boosters in brackets behind it
- Fixed a bug due to which nothing was displayed when loading a save if only sales dates were selected last

Since the LS19 version was built on the Global Company's dialogues and methods, it had to be completely rebuilt.

The current version has the following features:
Display of active productions and barns with indication of their remaining time per resource. Including animal sheds for feed, water and straw. Revamp Mix also appears as such.
Production is only displayed if...
it has less than 2 months of battery life left.
it has a fill level of less than 50%. (Except for the Revamp Mix input, where this is ignored).
The production line has started.
The display is sorted by remaining execution time, whichever is empty or empty before, it is at the top.
Productions that are full are still higher. They are displayed at 95% fill so that they can be used before production stops.
Full animal houses can be disabled in the settings.
The number of displayed productions can be set in the settings.
The font size is adjustable.
The position can be set to top center in the F1 menu or in the Vehicle Inspector mod display.
Input fill types can be disabled for display in productions. Useful for Revamp Boosters that don't need to be delivered.
Revamp boosters can also be completely disabled in the settings.
The list is updated every 5 seconds.

Production overview:
All types of filling and their quantity are shown here.
The view can be switched to year, month or hour.
The annual view shows the estimated area needed to grow crops (without PF or bonuses).

Sales Assistance:
If the sell price trigger mod is installed, it is displayed if the price is good and the goods are available for sale. The following applies here:
The sell price must be set in the sell price trigger and must be exceeded.
The quantity selected in the options must be available in the silo or in production (without livestock buildings).
The display shows what can be obtained and where to sell.

Credits: Achimobil


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