Production Revamp v1.3.0.0
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Mod Production Revamp v1.3.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Production upgrade scenario

List of changes:
(Full changelog can be found in the documentation)

Version 1.3
* Translations are outsourced to separate files and new translations: Swedish and Russian.
* Silage/production can now spawn as bales, pallets, or logs depending on what is available on the map. The selection is only displayed if there are multiple options.
* Silo/Production now displays "Store Wood" instead of "Sell Wood".
* Added game settings
* Adjustment of purchase prices based on the economy settings (can be disabled in the settings)
* Selling price coefficient for direct sales from production can be set
* Modified bales from mods can now also be crafted
* Bales are now displayed sorted by size when trading.
* Added conditional exits
* Production is subject to temperature, wind, sun, rain, season and operating time
* Includes fill levels based on temperature, sun, rain and wind
* Made a choice of colors for silage bales
* Production lines that are inactive/active can be hidden.
* Added help in the game

Revamp overhauls the internal production system, expands it and adds various features. Revamp is a basic scripting mod on its own, but also extends production on its own with additional comfort features.

Function selection:

Automatically available for all productions:
* Automatic line break in recipe display for input and output page (4 ingredients per line).
* Color display of recipes makes it easier to understand why the production is not working. Where: white - available, red - not available but required, orange - not available and not required.
* Ability to buy items in the production menu for production at double the market price.
* Priority system: Incoming goods can now be prioritized through the production menu and will be allocated based on those priorities. The following applies: Priority 1 is the most important and items will be received first until the warehouse is full. Priority 2 only then, etc. The inputs can also be deactivated, in which case they will not receive any deliveries.
* In distribution mode, only active production lines can be supplied.
* New output mode available: sell directly, distribute, outsource (previously save) and trade (new). If production is configured for storage, it does not automatically create pallets.
* Added manual generator for pallets, bales and wood. All productions with a pallet generator can also create pallets and bales manually - through a menu or a trigger.
* Shipping costs are now shown separately (previously part of the cost of production).
* Production that is the target of a mission can accept an unlimited amount of goods from the mission until the mission is completed. Mission items no longer go into production during missions.
* Display of maximum storage volumes and corresponding units.
* Sort products alphabetically and filter by active/inactive.
* In the case of productions, it is displayed whether they work in parallel (II) or distributed (Y).
* Own settings menu.

Must be actively installed in productions:
* Recipes can be created from several of the same ingredients in groups (maximum 5).
* Several production lines that previously had to be created separately can be combined into one production line.
* Possibility to add one or more optional boosters that increase the amount of outgoing production.
* Boosters can be disabled or reversed for individual items.
* Display real current production depending on the booster. The current value of the booster is indicated in orange brackets after the amount.
* Ability to create recipes through FillTypeCategories.
* Possibility of production depends on the weather.
* Possibility of weather-dependent filling level.

* Possibility of installation on the production displays, which can show the current level in the warehouse. Also possible with clean bearings.
* Ability to display objects depending on the filling level, eg. pallets in a production warehouse. Also possible with clean bearings.
* Warehouses can also be equipped with a spawn script that can be used to spawn bales and pallets.

Other features:
* New FillTypes can be introduced through Revamp at existing points of sale without actively modifying existing points of sale. A separate point of sale is no longer required.
* Hidden productions with autorun function.
* Various customization options for the above functions.
* All fully multiplayer features.
* Own in-game help explaining the most important features

sti fashion.

A complete list of options, installation help and support is available in the documentation:

This is just a script, the script itself does not change any production recipes! They must be created separately.

Credits: Braeven


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