Christmas Market v1.0.0.0
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Mod Christmas Market v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

To get in the Christmas mood, you can use this mod to set up a Christmas market on your map.
There are four different market stalls, each available as a retail outlet or simply as a decorative object.
There is also an outdoor seating pavilion with bench tables, single tables and bar tables.
Bar tables can be lifted and placed freely.
If you want to set up a decorative Christmas market where you can centrally sell your goods, you can place an attached universal marketplace in front of the Christmas market.

Facts and prices:
- Gingerbread station: $1000, 4 slots, sale products: wheat, barley, oats, flour, sugar beets, sugar cane, sugar, eggs, water, honey, raisins, various oils, butter, chocolate.
- Beverage Selling Point: $1000, 4 slots, Items to sell: Sugar, Sugar Beet, Sugar Beet Schnitzel, Sugar Cane, Water, Grapes, Grape Juice, Honey.
- Snack selling station: $1000, 5 slots, items to sell: water, potatoes, seeds, tomatoes, lettuce, bread, honey, sugar, flour, various oils, raisins, butter, eggs, strawberries, grape juice, chocolate, cake , muesli , Cheese
- Wooden Toy Selling Station: $1,000, 4 slots, Items to Sell: Wood.
- Universal Trading Station: $100, 1 Slot, Items to Sell: All Bulk Goods, Foods, and Liquids.
- Jewelry stands: $200, 4-5 slots.
- Vault: $200, 3 slots.
- Standing table: $50, 3 slots.
- Bank table: $50, 1 slot.
- 3 light chain elements: $10 - $200, 1 slot each.

Credits: OmaTana


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