Christmas Market v1.0.0.0
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Mod Christmas Market v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

This pack includes trading stations and decorative objects to create a Christmas market.
Sale of Christmas trees:
- 3 different stands with different trees
- Christmas funnel: Really needed for packing trees. Here in the game it's just decoration
- Two canopies: they simulate a place to store various devices, etc.
The cost of jewelry ranges from 100€ to 600€, depending on the size of the object.

Christmas shop:
- four entry signs. The cost of construction is from 500€ to 300€.
- Stand for snacks, for decoration.
- Big Christmas tree
- 5 different shopping stalls:
A large kiosk selling grapefruit, cakes and chocolates. The construction cost for this is up to 15,500 €, daily maintenance is 30 €.
Sausage Stand: Used to complete the Christmas Market.
Both that sell Christmas Chips: Used to complete the Christmas Market.
Pancake Stand: Pancakes are sold here. To do this, the owners buy milk and wheat in small quantities, as well as eggs for dough.
Farmer's Booth: Here the farmer can sell almost everything he produces on his farm as he pleases.
For all other stands, the cost of construction is 5000 €, daily maintenance is also 30 €.
Due to their small size, vending kiosks are not intended to be an AI assistant. It would be difficult for him to lead him through the dense Christmas market.
- There are also some decorative items in the Christmas market.

Credits: Farmerfivetom


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