Anywhere Object Storage v1.0.0.1 (1.14.x)
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Would you like to use any canopy to store bales and pallets without having to stack them manually? If you answered YES, then Anywhere Object Storage is the tool for you! Designed to be placed in a wide variety of sheds and buildings of the base game and modified, instantly turning them into a storage place for all your bales and agricultural supplies!

Four different versions:
1. Up to 500 items can be stored in Any Shed object storage, while bales are stacked up to 6 rows high. Use the poles to position the storage room in the right place, and then hide them so that it looks as if it has always been there. Without using the entire storage area, you can still park equipment in the storage area, just make sure you move it before placing any items at the storage point. It is suitable for a number of sheds from the base game, as well as for a huge number of modified sheds and buildings. The small version is the same, but reduced in size to fit smaller canopies with a reduced capacity of up to 250 objects.
2. Don't worry about the bales being protected by leaving the wrapped bales outside, then the Outdoor Bale Store will be the perfect solution for you. With room for 500 bales (without pallets), it will level and paint the ground, and also has some decorations to mark the edges.
3. Do you want to temporarily stack the bales at the edge of the field? Then a small Field Bale Store is for you. No leveling or painting of the ground: just place it on the most level area of the field and you can store up to 200 bales at the edge of the field for later collection. (it is not recommended to use in fields with a significant bias)

Any Shed Object Store
– Price: 5000.
– Capacity: 500 objects
– Features: no ground alignment, ground coloring or collisions.

Any Shed Object Store Short
– Price: 2500.
– Capacity: 250 objects
– Features: No ground leveling, ground painting or collisions, suitable for small canopies.

Outdoor Bale Store
– Price: 2000.
– Capacity: 500 bales (without storage on pallets)
– Features: align and paint the ground to mark the site, as well as a little decoration along the edge, which can be turned off if necessary.

Field Bale Store
– Price: 1000.
– Capacity: only 200 bales (without pallet storage)
– Features: no leveling of the ground, painting or collisions.

Any Shed Item Store – Placement Tips:

1. First build a barn and make sure the surface is level.
2. Enable free placement and recommend using the snap option to align the shed and storage area.
3. Poles mark the storage area (including the maximum height), and a grid on the ground marks the places of appearance/loading, so change the position so that it fits in the shed, and avoid any overlap with walls and other objects.
4. After placing the supports and the grid in the right place, you can disable them using the "!" icon.

In version
- Fixed the appearance of bales in the Field Bale Store.

Credits: Argsy Gaming


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