Tyrolean Whitecreek Valley v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome high in the Tyrolean Whitecreek Valley, to a mountain farm at an altitude of 1,607 meters above sea level, in the North Tyrolean Alps.
You came from an old family and headed the Erbhof Obertal.
The mountain farm was completely renovated in 2021, and a new cowshed was built, prepared for the future.

This map is based on real data about the terrain and elevation of the Whitecreek Valley in my home country.
The mountain farm, already owned by the player, is fictional, like the rest of the buildings.
I tried to build as many buildings myself as possible and am happy to show the beautiful Tyrolean style of wooden construction.

On the mountain farm you will find stables for cows and sheep, as well as places to store hay.
A cheese factory as a point of sale for milk or for making cheese yourself if you want to buy it.
In addition, there is an Alpine hotel nearby with a shop where you can sell some goods, such as wool.
There is a standard car park, but if necessary there is a small car shop where you can equip yourself. The devices from the Hay and Forage Pack fit very well here.

Your stables are not empty, existing cows and sheep are waiting for their food. If animals need to be sold or bought, there is a small animal dealer at the bottom of the map.
At this point of sale, you can also exchange your felled forest.

Steep meadows are common here, so you'll need the courage and the right equipment to harvest hay.
Due to the altitude, only pasture farming is carried out here, so there are no fields on the map.
In addition to haymaking, forestry is an important area of activity. Thus, most of the map consists of various complex forest areas, some of which you already have.

The map is small, but rich in details and contains many new objects and models.

- The area scaling has been significantly increased.
- Custom buildings
- Own decorative objects such as avalanche barriers.
- Seasonal objects such as snow pillars.
- Torrent with a stream map
- Adapted climate depending on altitude (snow is also possible in spring and autumn)
- Adapted map illumination
- Adapted types of fruits depending on height
- License plates have been changed in accordance with Austria/Tyrol.
- Hay drying production
- The cowshed is prepared for the installation of a manure system from Wopster.
- Hay crane

Credits: tirolerHeimadh modding


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