Dual Valley v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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"Double Valley" is a fictional place modeled after Wilpean Pound in South Australia. The valley is surrounded by cliffs, railway lines, overpasses and tunnels run through the hills through the gold mines left over from the gold rush of the 1850s.
It's a remote location in the middle of a natural crater, and the player starts with basic equipment that looks like it's been standing for years. Trains are the main way to sell items, and diesel fuel is expensive, so it's worth making it yourself.

The goal is to develop the city and work on providing local wedding receptions with gold rings, diamond rings, wedding dresses, tuxedos and food to feed the guests.

This map can also be played in 1-on-1 multiplayer mode, where you start across the river from each other. You both start with the same items, and there are two in total; two railway lines, two mines, two stone processing plants, two custom diesel plants, two custom jewelry factories and two custom tailoring workshops.

- 59 agricultural lands
- 37 fields
- 2 train lines - The main point of sale
- 2 custom-made small diesel locomotives for making sharp turns.
- 2 underground mines for collecting stones in trains.
- Stone processing plant - Crushes stone to find diamonds, gold and silver.
- Custom biodiesel production plant - Sunflower or rapeseed produce diesel fuel
- Custom Bridal Tailor - fabric creates wedding tuxedos and wedding dresses.
- Custom jeweler - Diamonds, gold, silver, water and diesel fuel create diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings.
- 12 collectible gold nuggets.

Warning: Do not accept two harvest missions of the same type for delivery to Adelaide by train. In addition, train harvesting missions do not give bonus money for the harvest.

Credits: Gridoo


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