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These Fixes will require a new SaveGame to

be able to see the updates in Game.

Because shape size has gotten bigger than 396 giants

says consol players may have problems.

 I am working now on getting that down.

Fixed Train after breaking it last update it was kinda odd

I tried to add double train and I got lua errors so, I went 

back to single train everything is working again.

Have fixed cutter effects Hops, and Lavender are cut 

by Forage Harvestors now.

The large fields around Hillside potato are now fixed.

No more tabs on corners which where caused by Old Version

like FS19 version stuff lol.

Added pedestrian splines now there are people walken about.

I have started in trying to lower map shape size so

some of the old FS19 structure will be replaced. 

with FS22 imported from main game.

Have removed beans and peas from map because of comment. 

about this is not farmers market simulator, I thought.

that having choices of what to plant might be more 

appealing but guess not.    


peace out.

KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

Credits: KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding


Download1.79 GB

TAGS:v1.0.0.3, multi, COUNTYLINE