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This mod makes the credit system a bit more realistic. However, standard game credits will be disabled. Any outstanding loans will be transferred to the new system.

With this system it is possible to take out cancellation loans. For this purpose, a loan with a fixed amount, term and interest rate of the loan is taken out. This is used to calculate the monthly payment, which is debited at the end of each month.

The bank requires collateral here, so the maximum loan amount is calculated from the current sales value of your vehicles, fields (60%), cash and your existing loans.

To make this a little more realistic, the lending rate can go up, down, or stay the same each month. It is all the more important when taking out the loan. However, you can also change this variable loan interest rate to a fixed loan interest rate in the settings.

How does a cancellation loan work? Here is a short explanation:

A termination loan has a termination rate, a monthly rate and a loan interest rate. This cancellation consists of the reimbursement amount and the interest amount. The interest rate is calculated by multiplying the loan interest rate by the remaining loan amount. As a result, the interest amount continues to decrease and the repayment amount keeps increasing.

Credits: BOB51160 / Chissel


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