JCB PACK CX3/CX4 V1.0.0.0
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many bugs fixed

simple ic removed and replaced with Interactive Control

changed inside the cabin

added backhoe hydraulic sound

the overhead light is now flashing

leveling added

Collisoens added you can close and open with x and z

hydraulic breaker can now break dlc rocks

optional body added (Hood opens and closes with Interactive Control)

3d engine added

controls fixed and joysticks fixed

inside the cabin you will now see your character's hands and feet

2 front tires can be removed as an explosion effect

rear window can be opened and closed

You can change addstrips as you wish.

lights bugs fixed and many lights deleted

the fouling effect has been erased (caused a lot of bugs and the car shines)

and more stuff added hope you like the update

Credits: Meric TR MODDING


Download166.13 MB

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