TLX Phoenix Service Pack v1.1.0.0
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MOD TLX Phoenix Service Pack v1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

TLX Phoenix Service Pack
- Phoenix undergoes a major overhaul with Moore8250 Wrecker Body refurbishment! The first real tow truck that works on all platforms!

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- Added modular functionality to increase the use of field service oriented tasks.
- Added transport bumper when Phoenix Service has no attachments.
- Added Wreck-IT as attachments
- Added a hinged platform.
- Added service table.
- Added a traverse for a service crane.

*** NOW as a modular system with 3 unique attachments to serve you in the field!
- Famous Wreck-IT
- Platform (the same fuel supply and retractable ramps for transporting small vehicles)
- Service bed:
1) 5000 liters of fuel for refueling in the field
2) Working crane with all movements implemented (requires a connected traverse attachment, included in the kit)


Unique Featured Feature / Options:

- Custom Heavy Duty Bumpers Set for Case, 6 Combinations in Total!
- Built-in Special Editions; Black Belle, Copperhead and Silver Bullet are now available as in-store options
- Custom set of reinforced rims
- Houston and Seminole stickers are applied to the pest's body.
- Custom Wreck-IT attacher found under 82's Logistics brand or under Miscellaneous
(Once purchased, attaché can be installed in bed and attached to truck for transport)
- 3 different engine sounds, 3 in-store mods, CMS, D60 and CAT
- Jakebrake can be disabled using the lid open / close function while in the truck.
- Hitch for towing / lifting any type of trailer, place the wheel lift under the hitch and attach!

Control groups for controlling the following parameters (mouse / joystick control):
- Truck:
1) Open / close tow truck cabinets to turn on the fuel pump and refuel your vehicles in the field.
2) Raise / lower the windows in the cabin
3) Open / close doors
- Mirrors: A set of controls for adjusting mirrors when working with Wreck-IT!
- Destroyer: (needs to unfold before turning on the hydraulics)
1) Turn the wheel lifter
2) Turn the wheel lift lever.
3) Pull out the wheel lift lever
4) Move the crane and its hooks up / down.

Recommended features / options:
- A set of custom colors in case
- Input animation
- Windows can be lowered / raised
- Full animated control panel
- Fully functional mirrors
- Custom lighting throughout the truck. You will want to drive at night!

Recommended configurations available in the store:
- Configurations: bed, coffin bunk, regular bunk and turbo-stacked bunk and # 1 preset
- front bumpers
- Design for stripes
- front visor
- Additional headlights
- Wheel configurations
- Engine options; starting with the base T9-000 engine and going up to the powerful T9-525, presented with special badges on the sides of the cab.
- Exhaust systems
- Price (basic) 102 119 €

Credits: 82Studio


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