KRAZ-258 V2.0
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KrAZ 258 - 6x4 truck tractors produced by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant,
produced in the period from 1966 to 1977. The KrAZ 258 truck is designed for transportation of goods as part of a road train with a total weight of up to 30 tons.

Pack composition:

KrAZ-258 road truck tractor:
- cost: 38,000;
- engine: YaMZ-238, 240 hp;
- power: 240 hp;
- speed: 82 km / h;
- configuration of the engine, wheels, design and color of the cab;
- mirrors, animation of the suspension, cardan shafts, fan, instrument arrows, pedals, gear shifting, the dashboard is as animated as possible.

Semi-trailer tanker-tanker TZ-22:
- cost: 21,000;
- transports fuel.
- volume of 22,000 liters;
- the function of refueling equipment;
- wheel configuration, design and color (main and additional);
- suspension animation, autonomous pump animation (optional).

Semi-trailer tank-water carrier AAPT-4:
- cost: 20,000;
- transports water.
- volume of 22,000 liters;
- wheel configuration, design and color (main and additional);
- suspension animation, autonomous pump animation (optional).

Dump semi-trailer with side unloading SP-22M:
- cost: 20,000;
- transports all bulk cargo.
- volume of 22,000 liters;
- indication of the loaded quantity (option);
- wheel configuration, design and color;
- suspension animation.

Semi-trailer grain carrier with bottom unloading DNESTR-9357-02:
- cost: 26500;
- transports: wheat, barley, oats, canola, sunflower, soybeans, corn, seeds, chips, fertilizer, lime.
- volume 60,000 l.;
- wheel configuration, design and color (body and awning);
- suspension animation.

On all models, the wheels are unified, 2 options for tires and a change in disc color.
All models get dirty and washed, age, painting based on UDIM, all lighting equipment according to FS-19 standards, animation is done on bones.

The original models have been greatly reworked: the dimensions, appearance, shape have been corrected, details have been added, redundant ones have been removed, transferred to UDIM, bones have been added, etc.
Authors of original models: Glushak, ZombiK, Silak_68.
Tires: Axary.
Many thanks to Axary for help and advice.
Special thanks to demon9467 for advice on real analogs of the presented models and for help in testing.


Credits: Karl911


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