STEYR 760 Plus Basisversion v1.2.0
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Tractor Steyr 760 Plus 2WD.
This version will be expanded / updated.

Version 1.2.0
- Installed the original Blinkersound
- rear work lamp rearranged
- real manual transfer is ready

Engine: STEYR WD 408.44
Transmission: Steyr 16g / 8r Synchronized gearbox, speed 30 km / h
Tank capacity: 83l
Net weight: 2580 kg
BJ: 1973
Power: 60 hp

Standard wheels: v: Trelleborg 215 / 75R17.5 h: Michelin 420 / 85R30
Twin tires: h: Trelleborg 420 / 85R30
Double tires: h: Trelleborg 230 / 95R44
Speedometer, temperature display, animated / backlit
dynamic hose support
2 DW control units are installed via a transverse lever
stäerkere ESP (fuel pump) you can buy (+ 10 hp)
Stoll FL console to buy
B-lul (rust)
Ackerschiene installed
Original sound recording
Window opens
Animated wiper (in the rain)
Transition to the power steering (the steering cylinder is installed)
2 front-mounted AtacherJoints (1x trailer for the trailer and 1x trailer for the front counterweight purchased)
Added front counterweight (can be bought in the store, weight category)
2x trailer AtacherJoint rear mounted

PS: 760 is well suited as an agricultural tractor

Credits: Deutz Agroxtra, Nö Mapper


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